Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Go Green Initiative and Principles ( Version English )

Go Green Initiative

The Go Green Initiative was founded in 2002 in Pleasanton, California by Jill Buck 
The Go Green Initiative (GGI) is an Environmental Education & Stewardship Program located in all 50 states and in 13 countries. It's free to all schools and operating in pre-schools through universities.


The Main tenets of the GGI follow the acronym GREEN and stand for:
  • Generate compost. This is nature's way of recycling. Through basic and worm composting programs, children learn about ecology,biology and waste reduction.
  • Recycle everything that cannot be reused and purchase items that can be recycled. With fast shrinking landfill space and diminishing natural resources, recycling has never been more important. Recycling items such as paper, plastic, aluminum and ink cartridges reduces toxic greenhouse gas emissions and conserves energy. Manage E-waste by finding creative solutions to divert obsolete computer parts, cell phones and other such devices from the waste stream. Schools that recycle provide much-needed materials to manufacturers who produce recycled products.
  • Educate students, teachers and parents on environmentally-responsible behavior. When students, teachers and parents work together to make their schools environmentally friendly, they are more likely to take the same behaviors into their off campus lives. Our goal is to create environmentally responsible school communities throughout the nation and across the globe.
  • Evaluate the environmental impact of every activity. Identify products and practices that could threaten the health of children and the world around them. Consider improving the campus environment with activities such as eliminating excessive energy consumption; evaluating the toxicity of pesticides used in classrooms and on playgrounds; improving outdoor air quality through increased carpooling efforts; and working to improve indoor air quality.
  • Nationalize the principles of responsible paper consumption. Consider purchasing post consumer recycled paper and office products. Use technology to communicate electronically as much as possible. Seek ways to provide Internet access to all school families.
Since 2004, GGI has hosted a Global Summit servicing students, teachers, parents, administrators, businesses and government leaders. The 2008 International Go Green Earth Summit will be held in Syracuse, New York October 17–18. Go Green Radio, hosted by the founder, Jill Buck, begins June 27, 2008 at 12PM EST on VoiceAmerica.

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