Saturday, April 21, 2012

let's change our vehicles by bicycle

if you are bothered by smoke fumes? which causes the thinning ozone layer? so we have to change the pattern of the original use of motor vehicles using the bike. bike is healthy, safe, affordable rates, so there is also considered that the bike was making excessive perspiration, but excessive sweating is healthy. even many in the city streets of the city that already provides for the bike, even in Indonesia have held events bike to work, school to work, etc so protect our earth and the ozone layer will remain intact. This is also good for bone growth. and also has many offices in Indonesia and the mall has been providing special parking for bicycles.
During the week-long Bike to Work celebration, commuters in Chicago leave the car at home and bike to work. In order to Participate, anyone can become a team leader by signing up Their workplace organization - commercial business, non-profit, educational, government - at the Active Trans Bike to Work Week webpage, then track the number of bike commuters within his / her organization. Every team leader receives a packet of materials for promoting the event Including, literature and flyers; maps, and a T-Shirt. Team leaders also have access to free, on-site 'how to commute by bike' presentations. Those companies with the highest percentage of bike commute trips at the end of the week are Recognized by Active Trans at an awards luncheon, a few weeks after the event.

thank you for your cooperation with your sorry if any word from my mistakes hopefully you can make to protect ourselves thank you. 

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